Who is the ARPA Model for and what do I hope to achieve

Who is this for

  1. People who might support PARPA - financially, reputationally, or executionally
  2. People who are excited by It’s Time to Build and who groups 1 and 3 respect
  3. People who are genuinely interested in replicating DARPA itself like Dominic Cummings

What do I ideally hope to achieve with this

  1. Have a calling card for when I am in full action mode
  2. Generate inbounds
  3. Influence people’s actions to more effectively enable awesome shit

Coauthor shortlist

  1. Patrick Collison
  2. Tyler Cowen
  3. Safi Bahcall
  4. Jerry Neumann?

People I want to read this

§ARPA model

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