Week of 7 Feb 2022

  • Continue to try to close with Chris wintersinger
  • Empty inbox
  • Rev on Schmidt grant
  • Submit YC application
  • Touch all programs
    • Designed serendipity
      • try to answer Heilmeier questions per dewey
    • Nanoscale breadboards
      • Work on closing chris
      • Figure out backup PMs
      • Talk to other potential performers
    • Integrated circuits
      • Continue to push on location
        • Ask more people
          • Darren? Crytpo people
        • Ask Anastasia’s planner
      • Ask filler about neil
    • Robots that make robots
      • Poke at neil email
  • Get numbers to the point where you can make a prospectus for the fund
  • Make a fucking deck
  • Once through on for sure the stars

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