Week of 7 Dec 2020

This is a program week. I need to digest the telerobotics long-term writing that I did - it feels like conversations are not happening as quickly or productively as I would like. Partially this is my fault - I still get cold email anxiety, I still don’t have a really crisp idea of questions to ask and freewheeling conversations are harder to have over zoom. Partially this is not my fault - I am effectively a rando.

Winning this week looks like

  • Pinning down what goals you would want out of a molecular manufacturing system. This is the biggest gap around places that look like magic.
  • Creating and exhausting list of program-related people to contact.
  • Experiments around displaying roadmaping
    • Writing around the experiments and things to do

Weight at beginning of the week: 160lbs
Max pullups: 20
1 arm pulp 1 rep max: 8 lb assist

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