Week of 4 Jan 2021


  • REPEAT 2 - Goofy looking design for both
    • APM
    • Telerobotics
    • ::Man I am avoidant of this because I terrible at this::
  • Get neat javascript tricks working for compiler
    • Footnotes
      • YES
    • Tracking
      • YES
    • Epistemic status?
    • Collapsing sections
    • References
  • REPEAT 1 design work for writeup
  • Fill in more gaps for writeup

Weight at beginning of week:
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Previous Week

  • Week of 28 Dec 2020
    • Frankly I underestimated how many gaps were in the writeup so a lot of time spent on that
    • Also forgot to note that it was the new year and that I would want to devote the weekend to recap/planning

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