Week of 29 Nov 2020

This is supposed to be a week focused on the meta but … There are two major things that need to be done that are basically an extension of the thought-work from last week. It may be possible to get these both done on Monday - if I can do that it will be a huge win.

  • Massive amount of reaching out to people. Do what must be done. Show no mercy. Do not hesitate. Fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death that brings total annihilation.
    • Feynman prize people
    • Simulation people
  • Vision writing
    • APM
    • Telerobotics

Main: Meta meta Need to start gearing up to publish a manifesto thing in the new year. This week I want to step back and come up with a strategy of the pieces that is going to include, where I feel strong (ie. Incentive analyses), where I feel weak (ie. Roadmapping strategies, but then that can be called out as a discipline that needs to be developed), which pieces are core and which pieces are peripheral, what I want to do in terms of formatting, and the timing of releasing things.

  • Weight at beginning of week
  • Max pull-ups at beginning of week


Pevious Week

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