Week of 28 Jun 2021

  • Finish Bottlenecks Telerobotics Talk 2021 - Prose and send out to people/publish online
  • Push hard on Telerobotics 1 pager for Jed Tuesday
    • Reach out to telerobotics people
    • Set date for workshop?
    • Understand funding constraints
  • Push hard on reaching out to potential APM PM people
  • Finish PARPA dissemination
  • Finish followups from Bottlenecks workshop
  • Finish PARPA budget estimates
  • Reach out to potential board of advisor people
  • Focus
    • Comms
    • Eating
    • Establishing network in NYC and Princeton

Previous Week

Week of 21 Jun 2021 was actually quite successful useful because Adam helped me figure out PARPA can bootstrap reputation by focusing on two-pagers for program managers and programs which really firms up the plan. Extremely stressful because of working on Getting the ball rolling on precommercial scitech funding (w/out much reenforcement from Geoff afterwards) and the whole “month in NJ” thing. Super successful Dinner 23 Jun 2021 actually.

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