Ways to Help PARPA

(In rough order of priority)

  1. Program managers. Connections to people who might make incredible program managers: initiative-taking technically trained people who can simultaneously go deep on a field and see it from the outside who have an idea for aPARPA-style program they want to see manifest in the world.
  2. Money. Frankly, atom-based research is expensive. PARPA is set up as a tandem non+for profit so we’d love to talk to people who want to donate to the main nonprofit entity, sponsor a program, or who want to invest in the for-profit entity.
  3. Other resources — program ideas, potential advisors, etc.. Potential programs, even if they don’t come with a potential program manager, are still helpful. The more pointers to people who care about the idea and can speak to constraints, possibilities, the better.

We also need to build out a scientific advisory board, so if you know top-tier researchers who would be willing to devote ~1hr/quarter to help vet ideas, please put us in touch.

And of course, there may be helpful unknown unknowns I haven’t thought of!

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