Ways to Help PARPA

(In rough order of priority)

  1. Program managers. Connections to people who might make incredible program managers: initiative-taking technically trained people who can simultaneously go deep on a field and see it from the outside who have an idea for a PARPA-style program they want to see manifest in the world. Some traits that high potential people seem to have in common:
    1. They have a PhD that required ‘physics bound’ research.
    2. They have left academia but still do technical work adjacent to their field.
    3. They’re intensely curious and generative.
    4. (Ideally) They have one or more technologies they want to shift from impossible to inevitable.
      More details on what makes a good PM here: What traits do high-potential PMs have?.
  2. Money. Frankly, atom-based research is expensive. PARPA is set up as a tandem non+for profit so we’d love to talk to people who want to donate to the main nonprofit entity, sponsor a program, or who want to invest in the for-profit entity. If it would be useful, here is a two-pager that you can pass around.
  3. Other resources — program ideas, potential advisors, etc.. Potential programs, even if they don’t come with a potential program manager, are still helpful. The more pointers to people who care about the idea and can speak to constraints, possibilities, the better.

We also need to build out a scientific advisory board, so if you know top-tier researchers who would be willing to devote ~1hr/quarter to help vet ideas, please put us in touch.

And of course, there may be helpful unknown unknowns I haven’t thought of!

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