WTF happened in 1971? - Article

  • Compensation and productivity decoupled
  • Real GDP per capita, Real GDP per FTE (full time equivalent worker), avg real wage, deflator, avg real wage api, and real median weekly earnings of full time workers decoupled
  • 95th Percentile income, median income, and 20th percentile income decoupled
  • CPI started increasing drastically
  • Health care expenditures went through the roof
  • CPI for Tuition, school fees, childcare went up a ton
  • All major currencies depreciated relative to gold
  • Income growth of bottom 90% of earners stopped increasing
  • Number of countries with banking crises went up a ton
  • Income inequality kept increasing
  • Federal debt held by the public stopped decreasing after WWII
  • Debt to GDP became decoupled
  • Debt trend line seemed to accelerate
  • Personal savings rate started decreasing instead of increasing
  • US trade balance reversed
  • Divorce shot up
  • Incarceration rates shot up
  • Rate of 25-29 people living with parents and grandparents reversed trend and started going up




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    WTF Happened In 1971?

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