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(Updated 19 Jul 2021)

The intention of this page is to serve the function of a /now page - shamelessly stealing the idea of a notes-based now page from the indomitable Andy Matuschak.

Most of my time is spent executing on the plan to build anew institution I outlined in the piece I wrote on building a private ARPA-riff.. This entails:

  • Finding potential program managers and working with them on the fist steps of §Program Design.
  • Simultaneously working on designing a few programs myself. Specifically general purpose telerobotics and first steps towards an artificial ribosome.
  • Working out the nitty-gritties of the legal structure and getting the entities incorporated.
  • Finding the money to fund these things.
  • Reputationally bootstrapping the whole thing: the actual work becomes easier the more seriously people take you, but in order for people to take you seriously you need to do good work.

If you want to see PARPA succeed, here are Ways to Help PARPA.

More abstractly, a thesis I’ve been playing around with as PARPA’s ‘theme’: Materials and manufacturing underpin civilization and the corollaries What processes can be drastically changed with new manufacturing tools and capabilities?, New materials can radically change technological constraints and enable previously unthought of applications

The nature of trying to create the organization still raises a number of research-y questions: Top of Mind Questions

And of course, I can’t help occasionally dicking around with

On the physical front, I feel like I’ve mostly got my incremental climbing/physical ability increasing Training Plan nailed down. The trick is recovery and not overeating.

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