The process of creating a new heuretic node is like building something out of legos

Imagine putting together two legos. First you have to imagine that you can bring them together and what that configuration looks like. You may be able to do this with different amounts of fidelity. If you have a strong intuitive grasp of legos, you may know that you need to attach a 2x2 brick to the third stud to the left and one stud up from the lower left corner of a 10x10 plate to achieve the effect you need. If you have less lego XP, you might have to stare at a pile of legos for a while and hold a few different pieces up next to each other. Once you go to snap the two pieces together, you inevitably need to do some micro adjustments based on feel regardless of how skilled you are.

Legos exhibit most of the characteristics we care about in heuretics. They are hierarchical, modular, have interfaces, and require both conception and implementation.


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