Taste for Makers - PG

Practical question: How do you make good stuff

  • Taste is not just personal preference. If taste was just personal preference then everyone is already perfect and you can’t get better at design.
  • Good design is simple
  • Good design is timeless
  • Good design solves the right problem
  • Good design is suggestive
  • Good design is often slightly funny
  • Good design is hard
  • Good design looks easy
  • Good design uses symmetry
    • This may just be simplicity
  • Good design resmbles nature because nature has been optimizing for a long time
  • Good design is redesign
  • Good design can copy
  • Good design is often strange
  • Good design happens in chunks
    • Florence had a bajillion good artists but Milan had none
    • Go to the people doing great work
  • Good design is often daring


    February 2002


  • How do you know if a design is timeless? Just don’t conform to fashion?




  • Startup = Growth


    Taste for Makers

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