Studies on Slack - SSC

  • Evolution and eye examples
  • “Water flows downhill”
  • Perfect competition water always flows downhill
  • Relaxed competition water probabilistically flows downhill so it can get to the bigger minima
  • No competition isn’t good either
  • Slack was coined by Zvi Moskovitz
  • Example of alien planet hit by solar flares and shielding gene that makes them less fit
  • Cells that are perfectly competitive are cancer
    • All cells have the same genome
  • Why can evolution create tricks to prevent cancer but not fox overbreeding
    • Group selection works when the group has a shared code/ruleset that can evolve
  • Group selection happens when you have a two layer hierarchy of nested evolutionary systems
    • Inner layer wants as much competition as possible
  • Research - trendy but useless papers, universities can act as group selection
  • People can’t compete with monopolies because there’s not enough slack
  • Auto industry tariffs giving slack
  • Xerox and AT&T were both monopolies and produced crazy awesome shit
  • Strategy games - civilization
    1. Axe rush vs build
    2. Slider on internal conflict
  • Long term stock excchange
    1. Stock exchanges are about slack - pulls money from the future
  • Ayn Rand destroys sears
    1. Eddie Lampert reorganized sears to be 100% internally competitive
  • Ideas
    1. Memetic equivalent of slack is iwillingness to entertain and explore ideas before deciding they’re wrong
    2. Early versions of the heliocentric model were much worse than the geocentric model


  • Retina is the wrong way around
  • Evolution has never evolved the wheel with an axis
  • Freeman Dyson has this really interesting bit in one of his books where he says that research of space programs and nuclear programs stalled completely because they were solely government controlled and the government cannot afford to take risks and lose face on “big important things” – it has no slack. The private sector is much better suited for research in a novel field where lots of things need to be tried before we have a good idea of what works.
  • Exploration = slack,




  • Talked about the isolationist policies of asian countries as they were growing up up but didn’t talk about mark to market
  • The more advanced the monopoly, the more slack you need to compete with it
  • Really crazy - monopolies but with pressure to spend on R&D are like tariffs with mark to market


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