List of as atomic as possible stagnation theories

  1. Low Hanging fruit theory of stagnation
  2. Regulations slow down technological advancement
  3. Universities have been pushed more towards applied research since the end of WWII which then means that academics have been pushed away from more long-term and genera work
    • This could be attributed to the peer review and citation system
  4. The peer review and citation system incentivizes people to work on things that other people think is interesting
    • This could be attributed to more government funding
    • This could be attributed to
  5. Embedded growth obligations have shifted the cultural narrative to the idea that everything can and needs to be a high-return investment
  6. Exponential hardware does not lead to exponential software
  7. Knowledge of how markets and innovation work has made us jaded
  8. Research has become a commodity
  9. The number of researchers has exploded
  10. Successful professors are not necessarily the best researchers
  11. Specialization in research and careers in general has cut off a lot of possible innovations

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