Scientists, Engineers, and Economists should write more science fiction

Intuitive claim: Science fiction would be better if it were written by trained SEE.
Unintuitive claim: Scientists, Engineers, and Economists would be more effective by creating science fiction.

Even more cool than SEE exploring ideas through science fiction would be if people with different views on the same subject wrote sci fi in the same world with the same conceits. An idea rap battle. If done poorly this could, of course, devolve to “Yeah well my spaceship blew up your planet.” “Yeah well my giant space protozoa ate your spaceship.”

In a way the discipline of scenario planning is like science fiction for Serious People™. (What role does scenario planning have in technological program design?) It explores different future possibilities contingent on different events (conceits? 🤔) The line between science fiction and scenario planning seems like it could become very small.

Some examples of scientists, engineers, and economists who have written science fiction


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