Science and the Government - Paper

*Paper by Senator Henry Kilgore *

  • Spread around funding to different places
  • Different possibilities for structure of NSF:
    1. Administrator
    2. Board
    3. Admininstrator + Board

Ultimately went with option 3

Argues patents should be uniform and part




  • What was the ultimate patent policy


  • Note that this was Notable that it was printed in the journal science as a note to scientists
  • Unspoken but the structure of the NSF with six-year board members removes power from the president because there will always be cross-administration people
  • Vannevar Bush touches on the struggles over org structure in Pieces of the Action - NASA ultimately became just a director
    • Perhaps there is something to long term thinking less about tenure duration, but tenure OVERLAP - no clean break points. This would be supported if a state’s overall agenda in the senate doesn’t change much over time
  • Bush in Pieces of the Action called his having to take control of all of the patents created in WWII and assign them to the public “destruction of value” so clearly he would oppose the idea that all government controlled patents become public
  • Bush in Pieces of the Action points out the point of patents is to incentivize the funding of commercialization


Anecdotal on Twitter: “interesting re: Vannevar Bush v. Harley Kilgore via @NatureNews”


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