Roadmaps can enable faster progress than blind exploration

  • Roadmapping ideally makes the goal very precise and chains together the unknowns you need to elucidate in order to get to the goal.
  • If you’re in a situation where Long term plans often involve decisions that look stupid over shorter time horizons roadmapping can prevent you from doing the “smart” decision that you will ultimately need to reverse.
  • If you know the unknowns and their dependencies, you always know the Highest order bit, so you always know the most important thing to work on to win.
  • When is this not true?

    • If there is no clear goal, going in a specific direction is almost useless
      • Roadmapping is not particularly useful for a lot of software because it simultaneously figures out the goal
      • It’s harder to know what the goal is if it’s not technical
    • If there are many unknown unknowns


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