Problematic 5 — The Media is Dead, Long Live the Media

	- Talking about journalists: `In order to advance their careers they need to get social media followers, in order to get those followers, they need to become a personality, and in order to do that they need to say outrageous things`
	- [[People perceive the need to become a personality in order to have a career]]

	- People on social media don’t have context around a personality
		- [[The less shared context you have the higher the coordination costs]]
		- [[Fully open online discussions are low quality because of trust and context]]
	- Individuals leverage their institutions but then don’t want represent them 
		- [[Institutions shape how individuals interact]]
	- The idea that there’s been a breech between snark in and out of the hallways
	- People need to become a personality in every institution 
		- [[Specialization and comparative advantage are related but not the same thing]]







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