People who are directly affected by the change often impede progress

  • People who are affected
    • People with power
      • Royalty
    • People without power
      • Saboteurs
      • Mule minders
  • Ways affected people impede
    • Protests
    • Physical destruction
    • Legislation
    • Violence
    • Inaction
      • Arguably this is the most insidious way - when you need the permission of a person being affected by a change to make the change it seems unlikely to happen. Permissioned and Permissionless Progress. Arguably that is the situation in ‘Legacy’ industries.

If you look at many of the examples from the past, the people who were affected the most and fought back were people who did not have a lot of paper (the labor when things are automated.)

Now, many of the people



  • Mule Minders when cars came along ( Lever of Riches)
  • Saboteurs when there were automated machines

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