Notes and statements should be bloody

A bloody statement is the most raw and assertive framing of a statement. It involves judgement. It can be wrong. For example, Academic credit is a first-to-the post system instead of “Academic credit tends to involve being first-to-the-post” or Just having the piece of literature doesn’t solve the problem instead of “Just having the piece of literature is less useful.”

Bloody statements are valuable to thinking and §Slipbox Systems notes in particular. Bloody statements are precise. Precise communication enables other people to make decisions and Precise communication can be refuted. Many topics are complicated and making statements as bloody as possible forces you to keep slicing a topic thinner and thinner until you have atomic pieces that you can be assertive about. This slicing is especially useful for notes because bloody note titles force you to make atomic notes.

People are (rightfully?) hesitant to make bloody statements because they come off as aggressive.

Bloody statements are not exaggerations.

This term originally came from Andy Matuschak conversation 9 May 2021 who may have gotten it from Michael Nielsen characterizes institution building as making previously illegible things legible


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