Knowledge That is legible, Knowledge How is tacit

It does smell a bit like word-play but some value might come from drawing a distinction between “Knowledge That” - the sort of knowledge you can express in words, and “Knowledge How” - the sort of knowledge that enables you to actually do a thing.

Knowledge That and Knowledge How can exist both separately and together. You can have knowledge that to lose weight you need to eat right and exercise and even which diets and exercises are the best and yet be completely unable to lose weight. Similarly, you could just intuitively know what to do to lose weight without being able to put it into words. The powerful thing is to be able to do something and know why it works.

Knowledge That and Knowledge How feel isomorphic to ‘theory’ and ‘practice’

Our cultural attitudes towards the two sorts of knowledge are complicated. On the one hand, when discussing knowledge directly, we overvalue KT at the expense of KH. However, when we can measure results, we often don’t care at all about KT.


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