It is especially hard to capture value from externalized research

It is hard to capture value from research and it is especially hard to capture value from externalized research.

  • The people doing the research might not want to or be equipped to commercialize it and so you need to manage the transfer with an external organization
  • There is little incentive for people who do not own the IP to commercialize it - researchers would just want to get their paper out of it and move on.
  • The external organization may expect to own IP or get a huge cut of the value
  • When there are several pieces, any single piece may not be that valuable
    • Imagine creating the mouse in one place, the keyboard in another, and the GUI in another
  • If the external organization doesn’t own the IP, there’s a conflict of interest and they may be incentivized to hold back any insights they don’t absolutely need to

Are there examples of organizations capturing research from external research?

Ways that you can capture value from externalized research

- Patents and licensing 
	- Need to be enforced via litigation
	- Joint ownership is messy and requires a lot of negotiation
- Invest in an entity that is capturing value from the research
- Cross fingers and hope the entity that captures the value donates back to you?
- Have the researchers have a stake in the value capture entity (a la [[Genentech]] )
- Taxes if you’re a government
- [[Research Blockchain]] ??? 🤣


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