In order to extend a heuretic it must be legible to you

To extend a heuretic you need to first be able to combine it with something in your head. At the end of the day New ideas need to come out of a single mind. In order to combine two things in your mind, you need to be able to model them well enough either implicitly or explicitly in order to predict that the combination will produce something fruitful.* In order to predict what will happen with a combination of things you need to grok the affordances of those things. Understanding a thing has to do with intuiting the affordances of a thing.

*The more you can “play” the less you need to have a perfect model in your mind. In the lego analogy ( The process of creating a new heuretic node is like building something out of legos) systems where you can play more are like situations where the existing structures aren’t fragile, it’s easy to try a piece and take it off, and perhaps like Duplo where you just need less skill to connect the pieces and can just sort of mash them together.

This is a specific case where Legibility enables action.


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