Efficiency type heuretics can be breakthroughs when they get a thing to cross some threshold

Efficiency type heuretics can enable breakthroughs by crossing some threshold. Continuous changes can lead to discrete differences.

Often this happens through a price mechanism - the efficiency of one process makes it cost less than an alternative which causes everyone to shift processes. When an efficiency type innovation enables a breakthrough in this way it is relaxing constraints on a heuretic. Constraints limit the impact and dispersion speed of a heuretic.

Efficiency type innovations can enable breakthroughs when inefficiencies were the limiting factor for a heuretic. Inefficiencies show up when the limiting factor for a heuretic is heat, friction, speed or …? Person targeted questions for roadmapping.

Are there mechanisms by which efficiency type heuretics can lead to breakthroughs besides removing limiting factors or crossing price thresholds?

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