Dispersion is the process of a heuretic impacting the world

Dispersion is exogenous to the tech tree the process of dispersion can
Dispersion is where the fact that A heuretic’s impact is not endogenous to the technology but depends on the environment

Impact has to do both with the spread of a heuretic and how much it effects people. A new social media app can affect many people’s lives a little and a drug that cures a rare disease can affect a few people’s lives a ton.

Speculatively, Could you model dispersion as a second order linear differential equation like a LRC circuit or a spring-mass-damper system?

Some people might refer to dispersion as dissemination or diffusion but I believe Dispersion is a more appropriate word than dissemination or diffusion for heuretics.

Notionally you would expect dispersion to always require implementation. Implementation is the actualization of the heuretic in the real world. But in reality, the impact of a heuretic can precede full implementation. General AI seems to be one such thing - it is shaping our actions and perception of the world before it’s actually implemented. Tesla is probably another example - it makes you feel like electric cars are inevitable even though they are a tiny fraction of the market.

In the context of §Type I and Type II Progress , Type II progress is the dispersion in a new domain of a heuretic that has already dispersed through a different domain. This secondary dispersion may require heuretic evolution so it’s not trivial at all. Frontier technologies need to start in niche markets where they are especially valuable.


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