Dinner 23 Jun 2021

  • Scaling Laws
    • More believable if anchored to a causal physics model
  • Racoon + cotton candy video
  • We need more deabstracted shop talk across disciplines
  • Material science + manufacturing at the core of human capability (stuff and then making stuff out of the stuff)
  • Fields go from pre-field -> field -> incremental growth
  • Nuclear Power
  • 2D vs 3D structures in the body
    • All the cell bodies are on the surface of the brain which is why it’s all foldy
    • Many “3D” structures in the body look like tightly folded 2D structures
    • Is there a biological reason to do most things as folded 2D instead of 3D?
  • “This would be amazing BUT” list (Ben TODO)
    • Titanium would be super cheap in a low oxygen environment
    • What could we do with super cheap platinum from space mining?
    • What is expensive just because of energy
    • “cost” is not an intrinsic property of a thing
      • Electric cars
  • Developing intuition around the affordances of nanoscale systems?
    • Could you create a game thing in the flavor of Kerbal Space program?
  • AI learning
    • Try to minimize self-awareness
  • Proposition: Ethics is context dependent
    • Eating meat now may be ok even if in the future it is not ok
    • A corollary would be that you can’t just back-propagate ethics
  • Human cognition
    • Trauma as threats to survival
    • Kids learning object permanence better with velcro mittens
  • Libgen is on IPFS
  • Putting Sci-Hub/papers on a blockchain?
  • Can you just send money to Alexandra Elbakyan
    • Yes there is a bitcoin address: 12PCbUDS4ho7vgSccmixKTHmq9qL2mdSns
    • Fucking hell sci hub’s twitter account is suspended



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