Designed Serendipity

Designed Serendipity

This approach to §Augmented Knowledge Generation is focused on how to most effectively deploy expert attention. Expert Attention is the ultimate scarce resource and ideally you would be able to talk to the relevant expert at the exact moment you need to and they could spend 10 minutes explaining something that would have taken you hours to figure out.

If you accept the idea that for Discrete technology improvements (quantum leaps), New ideas need to come out of a single mind this is the approach with the most upside. It’s also the fuzziest.

In a way, §Multidisciplinary Teams are a ham-fisted attempt to create designed serendipity.

Case Studies

Principles/Elements of Success

Some pieces that you see consistently in more successful projects


Possible Opportunities

  • Twitter may be underutilized as a designed serendipity platform.


  • Designed serendipity is almost a subset of Expertise Finding (wikipedia) that needs to happen as real time as possible and with as little friction as possible.


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