Definiteness means that you have a long-term plan

A definite plan looks like “I have a hypotheses for how I’m going to get from here to there via these steps.” It’s also key that the hypotheses is falsifiable. Falsifiable hypotheses are important and Good plans have several steps.

Plans are worthless in an indefinite world which leads to the attitude that everything can incrementally improve from small things with tight feedback loops. To say that everybody incrementally improving doesn’t have a plan is both disingenuous and false. The difference is the timescale. Indefinite approaches plan on the scale of quarters and features.

Definite plans exist on the timescale of multiple years or decades. Tesla legitimately did put its secret master plan online in 2006 and have been consistently executing against it for 14 years now.

Plans are also important becauseSystems must take performance hits to get out of local optima. So while a short-term plan can get you to the top of whatever mountain you’re on, it cannot get you down the mountain and up another one.


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