Cloning DARPA Successfully - Article

  • Richard Van Atta
    • It is independent from service R&D organizations
    • it is a lean, agile organization with a risk-taking culture
    • idea-driven and outcome-oriented
  • PMs talk to active researchers a lot
  • Program managers are in regular contact with senior military officers
  • Meet with research groups to see their capabilities - bottom of the roadmapping tree
  • Once they receive funding from DARPA, researchers are then required to share their work with each other in workshops
  • Federally Funded Research and Development Laboratories (FFRDCs) are not allowed to apply for DARPA solicitations - they use FFRDCs to prepare solicitations
  • Funding entire tech stack

  • ARPA-E started off with only one program manager because of low funding

  • What do ARPA-E program manager terms look like?
  • Clear problem with technology that doesn’t have the military as a ready customer




  • What is the minimum amount to fund a project in a lab?




    Erica Fuchs


    Cloning DARPA Successfully | Issues in Science and Technology

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