Better value capture mechanisms

Current value capture mechanisms are crude so people have suggested many alternatives.

People have suggested many ideas:

  • Even with current laws, Value capture does not always need to happen through IP - people could couple non-exclusive licensing with consulting.
  • Better IP mechanisms that don’t depend on monopolies or have shorter monopoly periods or in which the state buys out the IP. Radical Markets could be seen as an extreme version of this, where every piece of IP has to be “rebought” by its creator at a market-set price.
  • Something resembling income-share agreements with promising scientists is a version of this suggested by Laura Deming.
  • The crypto people ambiently talk about ‘research on the blockchain’ where you can track every idea that eventually goes into a product back to its originator and reward them.
  • Prizes

Better value capture mechanisms are the same as better ways to price positive externalities ( Heuretic generation has a lot of positive externalities!) and the mirror of better ways to price negative externalities.


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