An Institute for Creative Technology - Riffing on ARPA


  • Could you keep track of a history of sections they looked at so they can easily jump around
  • Could you leave stub links to note that these will be filled in later?
  • Principle: assume people are jumping around
  • Remember to pay attention to :: and <> in final piece
  • Could you have an epistemological certainty indicator?
  • Questions for editors
    • Where would an illustration or diagram help the point
    • Where do you want more expansion? Where is there too little expansion?
    • Should I used “R+D org” or “Innovation org?”



There is a lot of preliminaries or postliminaries that are important to building up the piece. However, it’s important that it stay tightly focused. To that end it’s important to note where there are clear holes and plan for them to be filled.

  • ::separate:: Why is a DARPA Riff Necessary - the full constraints probably want to be a separate thing. Maybe explicitly say that this is not to convince you of the thesis - this comes later. See Assumptions of the ICT Writeup

Institutional structures can be analogized to anatomy


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