A private ARPA requires new legal organization structures

Legal structures are intimately tied to the question of how money works in an organization so this note is the dual to How does money work in PARPA?.

Could PARPA be a normal for-profit company?

A normal for-profit structure would hamstring an ARPA-riff

Should PARPA be a non-profit organization?

At the same time, The traditional non-profit structure is a bad idea for an organization that requires a significant chunk of capital and produces uncertain results on a long timescale

If traditional for-profit and non-profit structures would both stand in the way of successfully executing on an ARPA-riff, does that make the idea dead on arrival? Possibly! But there might be a third way. If you can create a structure that other people are willing to agree to and doesn’t violate any laws, There are no first principles for legal structures that will stop you.

A middle road?



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