A Florence is a location in time and space

Florence the City is no longer a Florence the Concept.

Paris in the late 19th century was a Florence but Paris is not a Florence now nor was it a Florence in the mid 16th century. However, Paris may also have been a Florence in the 13th century, which suggests that A city can become a Florence multiple times.

There are several consequences of this assertion.

  • When you’re talking about A Florence, you must say time and place - “15c. Florence” not just “Florence” even if the time is implicit. Similarly you can’t just say a period - “The Renaissance” because the Renaissance didn’t happen everywhere.
  • You should be able to draw increasingly tight bounding boxes on both the time and place. The tighter the bounding boxes, the easier it should be to find causality. These tight bounding boxes can help answer What makes a Florence stop being a Florence? and What makes a Florence start being a Florence?

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