A ‘related’ section can serve as kindling for an evergreen note

The “related” section is a place to dump note links that you have a sense are related to the note you’re working on but don’t quite know how.

Embedding note titles into prose enables precise thought so it is both powerful and aesthetic to build all the notes you link to into sentences like this one. However, free association and writing prose sentences are often two different flow states. Sometimes, you remember the exact note title that you want in a sentence, but more often you have a vague sense that there are one or more related notes.

A “related” section enables you to feel confident that a note links to the other notes it should without forcing the requirement that each one be embedded in a sentence. In a way, embedded note titles is an ideal that each evergreen note should strive for but never quite gets to.

A “related” section enables you to create notes both via ‘thought push’ and ‘thought pull.’ The former is where you know what you want to say and need to find that right note to link to and the letter is when you are browsing notes and think ‘whoah this is so related!’ The ability to hold multiple things in your mind is really important for creating new connections (Connections create new knowledge) and a related section enables you to more easily hold potential connections in your mind via peripheral vision.


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