# §Florences * [[People who aspire to be world-class flock to do groundbreaking things flock to Florences once they become well known]] * [[A Florence needs accessible low-cost-of-living lifestyles]] * [[Florences require a world-class high-profit discipline and a world-class cultural discipline]] * [[A Florence is a city with multiple world-class scenes]] * [[A city can become a Florence multiple times]] * [[Florences are going to have a lot of inequality]] * [[Florences pull in people of multiple disciplines]] * [[A Florence is a location in time and space]] * [[Florences are sticky]] * [[Singapore could become the Florence of the 21st Century]] * [[There are concrete things that can be done to attract misfits]] ### Questions * [[What made Florence a Florence?]] * [[Why do people go to a Florence?]] * [[What is the difference between a Florence and simply a ‘top city?’]] * [[What makes a Florence Sticky For People?]] * [[What makes a Florence stop being a Florence?]] * [[How often do people realize a Florence while it is still a Florence?]] * [[What makes a Florence start being a Florence?]] * [[Has anybody studied what made Paris Paris?]] ### References * [[Taste for Makers - PG]]